Hello, my name is Cameron Spencer.

I'm a designer, developer, maker, podcaster, and musician living in Forest Park, IL.

I operate Lab 43, a one-man web design and development agency.

I'm an avid maker of things. I post videos on my YouTube channel about projects I'm working on. Topics include woodworking, metalworking, 3d printing, and whatever else I'm interested in at the moment.

In 2013 I created Useful Science with Jaan Altosaar. In 2015 we added a podcast, which I host along with a rotating team of scientists.

I'm also a music teacher and arranger. I've taught and written for high school marching bands and percussion ensembles since 2003. In 2019 I founded Spencer Sound to manufacture carts, racks, and props used by programs like these.

Contact me

If you'd like to get in touch with me please use the contact form on Lab 43.

You can also follow me as @eusonic on Twitter and Instagram.

About the name and logo

I realized a long time ago that Cameron Spencer makes an awfully long username and isn't very Googleable, so I came up with the word eusonic as an alternative. It's meant to mean good sounding, from the prefix eu meaning good and the root sonic meaning sound. At the time I was studying music, so it made sense to associate my online identy with sound. I write eusonic with all lowercase letters because I think it looks better.

The logo I use for eusonic is based on an illustration from The Natural System of Colours by Moses Harris, published in 1766. Three colors equidistent from eachother on the color wheel form gray/black when combined subtractively (like paint) and white when combined additively (like light). This site simulates this by using the css property mix-blend-mode. By default this site uses multiply to simulate subtractive color mixing. Switch it to dark mode using the flashlight in the top right corner to see additive color mixing simulated with screen.